Friday, May 24, 2013

Time Flies When Ure Havin.... Well Time Just Flies...

Well its been a looong time between drinks for me and time marches on.
I have been playing in countless bands since i started this blog and I can say it just amazes me we keep doing it. Yes it definitely is a drug because ive quit pretty much everything that ive been doing the last few years and the one thing that has stayed is..yep u guessed it... the music ..the guitars.
Its been one misadventure after another and it just keeps gettin rougher evryday but i cant give up...or i just cant figure out how to.
In the net few instalmenst im  going to throw in sum old adventures and trust me , truth is stranger than fiction.. and I couldnt have imagined doing or thinking up the things that happened along the way.  One day itll be funny... So i better get it down before i forget it all as i have forgotten so much allredy.. as guitarists all know ...u forget so much more than u ever knew once u get older... all soon on the blog...

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