Friday, May 24, 2013

Time Flies When Ure Havin.... Well Time Just Flies...

Well its been a looong time between drinks for me and time marches on.
I have been playing in countless bands since i started this blog and I can say it just amazes me we keep doing it. Yes it definitely is a drug because ive quit pretty much everything that ive been doing the last few years and the one thing that has stayed is..yep u guessed it... the music ..the guitars.
Its been one misadventure after another and it just keeps gettin rougher evryday but i cant give up...or i just cant figure out how to.
In the net few instalmenst im  going to throw in sum old adventures and trust me , truth is stranger than fiction.. and I couldnt have imagined doing or thinking up the things that happened along the way.  One day itll be funny... So i better get it down before i forget it all as i have forgotten so much allredy.. as guitarists all know ...u forget so much more than u ever knew once u get older... all soon on the blog...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New website link!

New website link!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Book , With A BIG Effect...

So I've got what to me seemed like the holy bible, no offense to anybody out there in bible reading land, but it seemed like I had all the answers.This little gem had everything and to this day I think I still have it tucked away in my library. I got it home and there it was , "how to tune...". Cool, this may help, its starting to sound like a guitar instead of a wailing cat.. Next, the all mighty open A chord. Ouch, my fingers are not going where I tell them to. Three hours later and several tries at other chords, I felt like my hands were on fire! This became a pain I couldn't live without, still to this day trying new stuff hurts so bad but you gotta want it to sound so good!
The next day I was going to try again but I had the worst pains in my hands.
Then it struck me. I'm gonna learn to play a song. Simple yet I had millions to pick from. O.k I'll learn a Sex Pistols song.....Anarchy In The U.K. To say it was a lot harder than I'd ever thought it could be would be an understatement. The song wasn't more than 2 minutes long but seemed to go on for ever. Finally after a few hours of trying to get the chords and remember how the song went i could play about half of it. Good enuff!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Actually Play This Thing...

O.k...So now I had aquired my first guitar. I thought " how do I learn to play it?" Pretty obvious these days, look it up on the net. But in dem olden days it was go to the local library and find some books  on the subject. Now as simple as this seemed, it wasn't. I got to my local library only to find music books about music, as in the  music  and bands that were around at the time... Duran Duran, Adam and the Ants, complete and utter rubbish. People now look fondly at the eighties, I don't know why, the popular music at the time was absolute rubbish and I will state this till the day I die. There was a ray of hope still. I found Ozzy Osbourne, Blues music, The Rolling stones and of course Jimmy Hendrix. The last one funnily enough , I didn't like at first and has since become my favourite, along with Ozzy.

Here I had to do something or I was never gonna figure this out. I asked my friend what to do. "Go buy a book!" he says. Well of course. So I travel to my local guitar store, a bus ride and three suburbs away, only to find quite a few guitar books. So I pretty well picked out the first one I could afford. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

The First Guitar

In the beginning, I needed a guitar. Now this would seem easy now, but in them days you had to work for it. So I got a job, funnily enough, with my now bass player selling papers. He let me come round with him on weekends and give him a hand to deliver the weekend newspapers in the area because he had the longest route. Soon one of the other guys quit his route and the owner of the paper shop let me have the route. Unfortunately for me , it was hard goin for a while and i had to scrape up every cent. Guitars in them days you had to go to the guitar store and buy them or from the local pawn shop. Soon I had amassed a meare $160.00. This got me my first guitar. A Sunburst Fender Stratocaster copy which played allrite but had an odd bulge under the scratch plate. It also had the classic Fender Tremelo setup, which is impossible to keep in tune, if you actually use it. To this day i've never bought another Strat or copy since. I hate them!