Friday, January 8, 2010

The First Guitar

In the beginning, I needed a guitar. Now this would seem easy now, but in them days you had to work for it. So I got a job, funnily enough, with my now bass player selling papers. He let me come round with him on weekends and give him a hand to deliver the weekend newspapers in the area because he had the longest route. Soon one of the other guys quit his route and the owner of the paper shop let me have the route. Unfortunately for me , it was hard goin for a while and i had to scrape up every cent. Guitars in them days you had to go to the guitar store and buy them or from the local pawn shop. Soon I had amassed a meare $160.00. This got me my first guitar. A Sunburst Fender Stratocaster copy which played allrite but had an odd bulge under the scratch plate. It also had the classic Fender Tremelo setup, which is impossible to keep in tune, if you actually use it. To this day i've never bought another Strat or copy since. I hate them! 

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