Monday, November 2, 2009

In The Beginning...Well Somewhere About There...

Many years ago my comrade and current bass player bought a guitar, then i bought a guitar , then we went on to write some songs, practice a lot, heart attack , marriage, kids, work, and twenty something years later we’re playing to the world via the Internet….but wait …back to the beginning……
We were about 16 from hazy memory, a friend of mine and currently my bass player, bought a guitar. Then we would get together in his bedroom which incidentally at the time it was summer here in Australia and it was about thirty plus degrees Celsius, we would write songs very quickly! A little while latter I some how managed to get enough dollars together to buy my own guitar.
Within weeks I was practicing my fingers to the bone trying to become a rock god. Unfortunately it just seemed to get harder and harder. The only alternative seemed to just copy what records and tapes i could lay my hands on. This consisted of Rolling Stones, Beatles, old punk stuff and all things blues. Who knew many years later theses would all serve me better than anything Ive ever found on the Internet years latter. Yes to this day I write guitar and music blogs like this one and still haven't found to many that actually tel you the truth like I'm going to. This includes the thieving managers, band mates who rip you off etc, don't worry , its not all bad , but some potholes I wish I had of missed!
As the months wore on we wrote through the summer and continued to sweat like it was going out of fashion. Then it hit me, get some lessons!
Now this may sound like the obvious thing, but at the time there was no real Internet in Australia, unless you count universities and other super expensive providers, even Telecom as Telstra used to be call, didn't even have Internet!
O.K. So i looked in the local papers, nothing....the yellow pages...a couple of music schools, all so far away!