Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Book , With A BIG Effect...

So I've got what to me seemed like the holy bible, no offense to anybody out there in bible reading land, but it seemed like I had all the answers.This little gem had everything and to this day I think I still have it tucked away in my library. I got it home and there it was , "how to tune...". Cool, this may help, its starting to sound like a guitar instead of a wailing cat.. Next, the all mighty open A chord. Ouch, my fingers are not going where I tell them to. Three hours later and several tries at other chords, I felt like my hands were on fire! This became a pain I couldn't live without, still to this day trying new stuff hurts so bad but you gotta want it to sound so good!
The next day I was going to try again but I had the worst pains in my hands.
Then it struck me. I'm gonna learn to play a song. Simple yet I had millions to pick from. O.k I'll learn a Sex Pistols song.....Anarchy In The U.K. To say it was a lot harder than I'd ever thought it could be would be an understatement. The song wasn't more than 2 minutes long but seemed to go on for ever. Finally after a few hours of trying to get the chords and remember how the song went i could play about half of it. Good enuff!

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penthius said...

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