Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Actually Play This Thing...

O.k...So now I had aquired my first guitar. I thought " how do I learn to play it?" Pretty obvious these days, look it up on the net. But in dem olden days it was go to the local library and find some books  on the subject. Now as simple as this seemed, it wasn't. I got to my local library only to find music books about music, as in the  music  and bands that were around at the time... Duran Duran, Adam and the Ants, complete and utter rubbish. People now look fondly at the eighties, I don't know why, the popular music at the time was absolute rubbish and I will state this till the day I die. There was a ray of hope still. I found Ozzy Osbourne, Blues music, The Rolling stones and of course Jimmy Hendrix. The last one funnily enough , I didn't like at first and has since become my favourite, along with Ozzy.

Here I had to do something or I was never gonna figure this out. I asked my friend what to do. "Go buy a book!" he says. Well of course. So I travel to my local guitar store, a bus ride and three suburbs away, only to find quite a few guitar books. So I pretty well picked out the first one I could afford. 

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